Black Bull of Norroway Page 18-19


This picture is just to show the daughter and the bull traveling. I wanted to give an impression that they were covering a lot of ground very fast, so I put it against different scenery than the previous page, and I put in the birds being scarred off to give an impression of the speeds they are traveling at. It is supposed to look scary, like they are really going too fast, and I wanted to show it like this to show that the daughter doesn’t really trust the bull yet, or have any idea of where they are going.


The Black Bull of Noroway Pages 11-17


For the next part of the story I have three double-pages for one particular scene, the bull’s arrival. This was one of the scenes that I had an idea for from the very beginning, before I even started taking notes from the story, and I knew I wanted to do the scene as a double page in order to properly show off the landscape’s contrast to the washerwoman’s city backroom. I also knew pretty much from the beginning that I needed three whole (double) pages to get across each “phase” of the action, and to build up suspense.

Kris Kringle Dangerous Revolutionary


The movie Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town was always my favorite christmas movie when I was little (except maybe the Muppet’s Christmas Carol). There are a couple of reasons for this, but one of them is that I always liked the idea of Santa being a Robin-Hood-esque outlaw. For a while (several years in fact) I’ve wanted to draw a picture showing a darker version of the characters, and this year I finally got around to it.

Although I changed quite a bit of the design for each character, I wanted them to still be recognizable from the original story. So for Chris I kept the red and white cape, the dark blue eyes, and the hair, which was the hardest part to draw without making him look silly (not that this whole thing isn’t a bit silly). I wasn’t originally going to have him smiling, but then I realized that he never stops smiling in the movie, and I wanted to make the character more dangerous looking not change his entire personality.

Image result for santa claus is comin to town

When I started drawing Jessica I really didn’t change a lot, but I changed her outfit to shades of blue-gray and black and emphasized her collar a bit, not to mention changing her broach to a skull. I also made her glasses more angular.

Image result for santa claus is comin to town jessica

Out of all the characters, I think the warlock got changed the most. I kept the white skin, and the big nose, but I make him a bit more elf-looking and I turned the pointy bits on his hat into a crown. I took most of my design from his evil form, but his expression was supposed to be a bit sad like he is in the good version.

Image result for santa claus is comin to town warlock Image result for santa claus is comin to town warlock

Last Tuesday I Was Searching Through My Closet Looking For a Pair of Shoes and This is What I Saw.

Last Tuesday I Was Searching My Closet For a Pair of Shoes When I Saw Something That Surprised Me adj.jpg

Yes it has a goofy title. This is a picture I did in art class using charcoal and colored chalks. As a choice of media it turned out that they didn’t work too well layered on top of each other, maybe if I’d put the chalk on first it would have worked better, but I made the mistake of putting charcoal on first. I wasn’t actually planning to color it originally, but I felt like my picture was lacking something, and I thought I would just add a bit of color. Clearly that is not what happened.

This picture is very much inspired by Tony DiTerlizzi’s illustrations of the Spiderwick chronicles. This wasn’t exactly intentional, but I was very obsessed with those books when I was younger, and to me that will always be what goblins ought to look like.

Mr Strange’s Magic Show

Mr. Strange's Magic Show adj.jpg

I drew this picture for an art contest, the theme being “mystical circuses.” Now “mystical circuses” is a bit vague, but in my mind that makes me think of sideshow magic acts. I had a vague idea that I was going to try to draw the “sawing somebody in half trick” but since that’s a pretty well known trick I wanted to add something original and spooky to it. I also wanted the picture to be pretty strange and surreal.

I had just finished watching the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Image result for the cabinet of dr. caligari

You can probably see the influence.

Black Bull of Norroway pages 10 to 11


We again have a whole page to show the daughter looking out the back door, and the snow blowing in. There’s not a whole lot about this page that we haven’t already seen in other pages, but I wanted to draw this scene with the daughter looking out the door on one side of the room with the washerwife on the other with the snow blowing in. The page didn’t quite turn out as good as I would have liked, something about the lighting, I think. I could also have put more detail into some features of the room. But I can’t expect every page to turn out perfect, and maybe I will come back and re-do it later.

Black Bull of Norroway page 8-9


Finally we have the third daughter going to seek her fortune. Because she is the protagonist I gave her a whole page just to look out the back door the first time. It seems like a bit much, but I want the picture to tell the story just as much as, or even more than the actual words, and I needed to take a long time on particular scenes to build up an atmosphere.

This page had a lot of background that I had to draw, and, as I’m not very good ad background, it took a while. Of course, now that I’ve drawn the scene it made it easier to draw in the future, albeit from a different angle. I also feel like I learned a lot about how to do backgrounds in general.

Black Bull of Norroway Page 6

Black Bull Of Norroway pg 6.png

Since I’ve already introduced the witch-washerwife I didn’t want to spend too much time on the second daughter’s going to seek her fortune. Although the second daughter isn’t very important in this story, I at least wanted her to get a whole page, if only to show that the coach for her comes in the fall. The coach may have only got one panel, it took a whole morning to finish, mostly because of the horses, which were very difficult, and I had to draw them all at least twice over.

Dreadnoughts Cake

Dreadnoughts cake3.jpgDreadnoughts cake1.jpgDreadnoughts cake2.jpg

This cake is decorated with the cover of the album Polka’s Not Dead by the Dreadnoughts.

Image result for polka's not dead

I thought, when I started that it would be kind of complicated to draw, but honestly, it was really easy once I put the image in and did a quick outline.dreadnoughts cake plan.jpg

That way, instead of trying to figure out how to give an impression of the image in frosting working of a detailed black and white picture, all I had to do was copy out the basic shapes that I had worked it down to beforehand. Of course, now I realize that I probably shouldn’t have copied the text as well, because, if you’ll notice, the letters on the cake are the same shape as my simplified version, and not the original. But other than that I’m really surprised that it turned out as well as it did.